Dos Monarcas Rums

aged for at least 8 years

dos monarcas
panama aged ron

Carefully matured in the finest American oaks and European sherry barrels for at least 8 years, it is mellow in oak marinating melodies, creating its sweet and subtle oak flavors. Creamy with a long, smooth, and gentle finish, our 8-year-old is a perfect example of the Dos Monarca Ron style and is widely acclaimed.

Earthy, bright whisky with warmth that fades into a long sweetness. For the first time, we used Madeira barrels for an incredible, rich depth.

Color: Light gold
Nose: Distinctly fresh and fruity with a hint of honey, delicately balanced.
Taste: Characteristically sweet, fruity notes that develop into warm spices, pure sugarcane juice, and subtle. Long and gentle finish.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: 40% vol

warm, inviting blend

dos monarcas
panama aged spice ron

What is a visit to Panama without a healthy dose of our favorite citrus? Our hometown has concocted a classic spiced rum, combining it with orange peel. The result? A warm, inviting blend of sweet cinnamon and spice balanced by bright citrus.

We liken it to a walk through our quaint, historic, brick streets. Charming and somehow familiar, yet full of life and the sweet spirit of adventure.

Color: Antique gold
Nose: Deep earthy aromas of sweet ripe fig and orange marmalade create a backdrop for bright notes - fresh gooseberry and grapes ripening on the vine.
Taste: Rich, spicy cinnamon and charred black pepper rest on a deep earthy base. Caramelized fruits, crystallized ginger, raisins, and notes of dry oak unfold. Satisfying, silkily smooth, almost oily texture.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: 40% vol

aged in whisky barrels

dos monarcas

After maturing in a tropical climate, exquisite distillates from a single sugar cane plantation mature to perfection in selected small American oak barrels. This exquisite rum has been enriched for another eight to twelve months in barrels previously used for Scotch whisky.

A bold fusion of smoky and sweet notes. By combining exclusive aging rum and mature Scotch whisky barrels, we have created an exquisite drink with a campfire aroma and caramel sweetness.

Color: Gold
Nose: Billowing soft peaty notes, like distant smoke on the wind. Rich sweet toffee with spicy notes of fresh fruits and spiciness.
Taste: Like a mountain peat fire with oak notes and toffee.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: 40% vol