Ecuador Rums



Romero & Sons 9 Years aged rum is the brainchild of Johan and Ivanova Romero, the new generation behind Ecuador's oldest craft distillery, Romero & Sons. A fine composition of XO molasses rum with 9 year old cane rum, this delicate distillate combines the mellow profile of molasses rum with the typical fruity punch of aged cane rums. Distilled, aged and bottled at the distillery's own facili- ties near the Ecuadorean capital, Romero & Sons 9 Year rum is a highly complex rum with a pleasant, long finish.

Romero & Sons 9 year rum opens with the classic mellow warmth of aged molasses rum. Plums and forest fruits dominate in the beginning to slowly start giving space to the fruity, grassy notes of its cane rum core. Well balanced, com- plex and with a long finish, this is a rum to enjoy neat.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: 44% vol

two generations


Romero & Sons "Two Generations" is a perfectly balanced blend of two types of rums. One the one hand, we have 12 years old pot still rums, made by current master distiller Mr. Johan Romero. On the other hand, we have much older molasses/column rums, made by former master distiller Mr. Napoleon Romero. Masterfully crafted, the "Two Generations" is the flagship product of Destileria Romero & Sons. Created to show- case the talent and passion with which the family has been making rums since the early 20th century.

With a dark amber color and bold, full-bodied taste, Romero & Sons "Two Generations" opens with a palate of forest fruits, leather and caramel, eventually giving space to a pleasant wine-like finish. Extremely balanced, warm and long lasting, this is a rum to enjoy neat.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: 48% vol

first edition


Yaku Wari is a brand of 100% artisanal pot still rum from the coast of Ecuador. Distilled and aged in the coastal province of Manabi, Yaku WariTM is imported and bottled in the EU, with no mixing, additions or chill filtering, thus preserving its original qualities and exuberant profile.

Yaku Wari's inaugural bottling is a 7 years old, SINGLE CASK series, consisting of 11 tropically aged rum casks. The entire batch was distilled in 2015 from cane juice rum, extracted from locally sourced, lowland sugar cane. Fermented for 8-9 days, and twice pot distilled, the rum was barreled on site at an average of 60% abv. Having used virgin oak casks on the tropical environment of the Ecuadorean coast, the rum underwent a rapid evaporation, all of which produced an expressive yet delicate profile. Bottled in the EU in early 2023, Yaku Wari's first edition is a genuinely artisanal, tropically aged, single cask rum from the coast of Ecuador.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: from 48% to 52% vol (depending on the barrel)