Quito, the capital city of Ecuador settles on the outskirts of a great volcano named Pichincha. This elevation is part of the Andes Cordillera and allows its inhabitants to enjoy privileged weather by balancing the hot equatorial winds while producing perfect breezes enjoyed throughout the day. On this mountain, one can find an area called “Cruzloma”, the same that has been witness to many geographical changes and the historical moments of our country.

On the outskirts of the volcano's east side, the bloody battle of Pichincha took place on May 24, 1822, which defined the independence of Ecuador (It is a historical fact that this is the only battle with the name of a volcano). This place is known as Cruz Loma (translated as Mountain Top Cross). This mountaintop named Cruz Loma was also the ground for geodesic measurements. It is known that there were several difficulties because of the battles against the native population. Besides, Cruzloma has the shape of a cross and this generates a strong emotional commitment with Ecuadorian culture.

Capacity: 0,7 dm3
Alcohol content: 44% vol